Jusweb Srl is a company established in 2003 and located in Viterbo, the capital city of Tuscia, northern Lazio. It operates on a national level in the judicial publishing industry through the periodical Immigrazione.it online since 2005, concerning the fields of international law, national law, and European Union law, focusing on foreigners’ condition and international mobility of the individual. Since its first publication, the periodical has been chosen by the Italian Ministry of Interior as a tool for revision for officers of Border Police, Police Headquarters, and Immigration Offices. Jusweb is registered in ROC and is authorized to conduct online consulting and services just Law n° 4 /2013.

Jusweb also holds accredited training programs for professionals, such as notaries, lawyers, certified public accountants, and journalists. Since 2010 these programs have been available on formazioneWebTV.it, the first platform in Italy to provide interactive live-streaming lectures and seminars.

Jusweb provides non-Italian citizens advice in regard to entry and residence in Italy. Among its services, it deals with web marketing and communication.

InvestorVisa.it is a service launched by Jusweb in August 2017 to help investors and patrons select the best investment or donation opportunity and manage all the bureaucratic procedures for both visa and residence permits. It is managed by the staff (including our editorial staff and teachers) in collaboration with well-known experts.

Entryvisa.it is a service launched by Jusweb in November 2023  to provide assistance to entrepreneurs and professionals wishing to obtain an entry visa in order to move to Italy and set up their own company or take up a role within an already established Italian company; the service also deals with visa applications on behalf of non-EU companies wishing to send their own manager to one of their branch offices or a representation in Italy.

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