Entry Visa Italy

Entry Visa Italy

Are you a non-EU manager, entrepreneur or investor? Do you want to come to Italy to work or invest?
You will need a special entry visa!

We will be the right professionals to advise you and carry out your bureaucratic and legal paperwork.

Why choose our services?

Entry Visa Italy is a network of professionals who plan every aspect of your qualified work project or investment in Italy. We carry out our work with the utmost respect for the law, so we will not immediately tell you ‘Yes, you can’.
First, we will examine your request. Then, if your requirements and objectives comply with Italian law, we will propose one or more solutions and commit ourselves to getting you the best result. We will see to providing an entry visa consistent with your job/business or investment, and the corresponding residence permit.

Turkey: the EKONOMI supplement dedicated to Italy was published on 4 December. On page no. 25 an article in Turkish and English by Raffaele Miele, director of Investor Visa Italy and Entry Visa Italy.

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